We drive all the time and for everything in our modern American society; for work, errands, to get to fun places, but what about driving for the fun of driving itself? Well it’s hard to do that on the familiar boring roads you take to work every week, which is why you need to take a road trip! Whether you’re working in heating and cooling in Birmingham, AL or coding in California, take the time to make driving fun again by taking a spin on one of these fantastic stretches of asphalt.

1. Tail of the Dragon (Devil’s Gap, The Dragon) – North Carolina / Tennessee

Drive through ancient Appalachian country mountains on this 120 mile loop through the Great Smoky Mountains and Cherokee national forest. The best time of year to go is in the fall when the leaves are changing and the scenery is stunning with crimson red and bright yellows leaves. But not only is the scenery amazing, the drive itself is incredible. The trail is known for it’s curves, and it’s most famous section boasts a whopping 318 curves in a mere 11 mile stretch. Your adrenaline will pump as you push your sportscar to the limit and accelerate into those curves!

2. Big Sur California Highway 1

If you happen to find yourself on the other side of the country, then head out to the Big Sur region of California. Northern California’s highway 1 offers spectacular coastal views as you race through endless road. The variety of curves, turns, and views will be sure to leave a smile on your face for days to come.

3. Blue ridge parkway

This scenic highway boasts close to 500 miles of breathtaking views through north carolina and virginia along the blue ridge mountains. The stretch of highway is the best way to see where the blue ridge mountains get their name from. From scenic vistas from the highway you can see the seemingly endless rippling mountains on the horizon. As the many mountain ridges stretch out in between the sky they seem to take on a blue hue.

These are travel worthy destinations that offer a great experience, but you can find a great drive closer to home too. To do so you just need to remember two things. One, is to try and get off the highway, change your map settings to exclude highways to find some off the beaten path rural roads. The other is to make sure you are driving with no where to go. Even a curvy stretch of asphalt can lose its appeal when you’re late trying to get to an appointment. Make sure you take the time to drive just to explore with no real expectations and you are sure to have a good time.

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